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Silk screen machinery specification

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Model Year Condition
New Long LS-45A 1985-1986   Good  
New Long LS-60A   Good  
New Long LS-70A 1989   Good  
New Long LS-77A   New Type, 1990after  
New Long LS-77A   Old Type, before 1989 Good  
New Long LS-102A 1982-1987 Good  
New Long LS-45     Good  
New Long LS-60     Good  
New Long LS-650 2001, almost brandnew  
New Long LS-680   2001, almost brandnew  
Box Type Dryer     Good  
Drying Rack     Good  
UV Dryer 600mm width   Good  
UV Dryer 400mm width   Good  
Minomatt 800S   1989   Good  
Minomatt 1200S   1989   Good  
 Sakurai Cylinder Press SC-72A 1989   Good  
Onda Seal Printer Type OPM 250 2 color 1996   Good  
Onda Seal Printer Type OPM 250 1 color 1991   Good  
Seria 860   2000 Good  

The availability and condition of machinery will be subject to supply source and contract.

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